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Gillien Goll

What People Are Saying:

“Extraordinary actress! Gillien Goll is the rare combination of a true comedienne and serious actress.  Whatever genre, her humaneness shines through. One is moved by her talent to bring the elements of a real character together.”

                                                  ~ Eve Brandstein, Casting Director


“A cross between Lily Tomlin and Imogene Coca”

                                                                        ~ Bergen Record


“A genuine talent with a sincere devotion to the art of

the theatre.”

                          ~ Michael Feingold, Village Voice, Theater Mania


“Gillien Goll is an extremely versatile actress who can tug on your heartstrings or make you double over in laughter, sometimes both at the same time.”

               ~ Linda Yellen, Emmy, Winning TV & Film Producer/Director

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