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What they're Saying About

Gillien Goll

*“I truly owe much of my professional success to the foundation and skills Gillien has given me. She is an asset to any aspiring professional actor! “

~ Genny Lis Padilla, “On Your Feet,” “In the Heights,” “Rent”

“Gillien Goll understands the actors’ needs and knows how to inspire and advance their talent. She is a first-rate teacher!”

~ Eve Brandstein, director, former V.P. of Casting for
Norman Lear, Co-Producer of E/R.


“Gillien is intelligent, honest, and articulate – a genuine talent with a sincere devotion to the art of the theatre.”

~ Michael Feingold, The Village Voice, Theater Mania

Gillien is very good at recognizing your own characteristics and utilizing them for a particular character. And she has the ability to help you dig deeper to get to the objective of a scene. I found Gillien’s own technique very helpful in my preparation for monologues & auditions.

~ Michael-Ann Rowe, Emmy Winning Producer & Host


“I owe much to Gillien and her teaching. She gave me the freedom to trust myself, to take chances, to explore, to take my time, and to find the reality of any situation.”

~ Roxane Russell, Flossie on “All My Children”


“I recommend Gillien highly. She has deep insight, sensitivity, and understanding.”

-Linda Yellen, Emmy award winning TV and Film Producer/Director


I first met Gillien Goll when she was my film and television teacher at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. After working for a year professionally as an actor I found myself back in New York struggling to find work so I decided I needed more training, and I gave her a call. Thank goodness I did! Gillien Goll helped me to realize my true potential as actor. She took my desire to act and helped me to develop the skills I needed to land jobs. At times she was like my psychiatrist helping me break down any emotional walls that I had in order for me to be more emotionally accessible, allowing me to find deeper meanings in scripts and stronger acting choices. Gillien spent much time with me analyzing scripts and the characters in them. Under Gillien’s guidance I was able to find the acting techniques that worked for me in order to bring my characters to life. She structured my lessons around my personal needs, fine-tuning my strengths and strengthening my weakness. Gillien pushed me to work on material from many different genres making me a more versatile actor. We worked on everything from commercial copy, monologues and scenes to the songs I use for musical theater auditions. She put me in front of a camera so that I could see my acting choices and how they read on film, and most importantly, she helped me find audition material that showcased my strengths in order for me to land professional jobs. Under Gillien Goll’s guidance I have grown as an actor, and I truly owe much of my professional success to the foundation and skills she has given me. I consider her my mentor, and through our work together, I am grateful to call her a friend. She is an asset to any aspiring professional actor! “

- Genny Lis Padilla “On Your Feet,” “In The Heights,” “Rent”

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