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Gillien Goll
Public Speaking
& Presentation Consultant

    Gillien Goll  holds a BA from Barnard College and an MA from Hunter College. She comes to the field of teaching Public Speaking and Presentation Skills from a background of over twenty years directing and teaching actors, as well as a career as a professional actor herself. She has taught at Fordham University and The American Musical & Dramatic Academy and lectured at Wellesley College & for Barnard Business & Professional Women, among others.

   The ability to communicate and effect behavioral changes that she developed in her acting teacher background translated naturally to working with business professionals to increase their abilities in presentation areas. She has been teaching professionals for over fifteen years. For over a year, she taught a course in overcoming fear of public speaking for The Learning Annex. Currently she coaches for both corporations and private individuals.

   The techniques she teaches can be adapted to any communication medium, from giving a speech to job interviews, to being interviewed on-camera.
   Along with coaching clients for numerous television appearances, clients have included: Lawyers, journalists, newspaper editors, magazine editors, economists, advertising executives, labor union leader, university administrator, professors, public school teachers, social workers, therapists, judge, researchers, computer consultants, clothing manufacturer, clothing designer, housing renovator, charity organizers, fundraisers, image consultant, radio announcers, producers, directors, artists, actors, television executive,  ministers, authors, engineers, president of a major women's organization, consultant in alternative medicine, bankers, stock brokers, CPAs, real estate brokers, graduate students, consultant in international development, market researchers, art dealers, art curator, singers, playwrights, and translators.
   As her training teaches people how to communicate skillfully, these techniques can be applied to all presentation and interpersonal situations, regardless of profession.

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