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Clients Speak About


Gillien Goll


Public Speaking & PresentationConsultant

The presentation was spectacular, and your coaching proved extremely valuable. After our session, I completely overhauled the sections that caused problems and focused on interaction with the audience. Many thanks!

~ Bob Woodard,Founding Partner at Deep Relevance Partners, LLC


I always avoided speaking in public. However, that changed when Gillien Goll began coaching me. Gillien has taught me to structure an effective speech and to present my message convincingly. After delivering several successful speeches, I find I now enjoy speaking in front of large audiences. The tools I learned from Gillien allow me to present my material with confidence. The results have been immediate and effective.

~ Eric Levin, Executive, HBO


Though it’s been several years since I had your training, I always think of your advice – that I have permission to take my time before my audience. You really are an excellent coach.

~ Dr. Carolyn Brancato, The Conference Board


I had a wonderful experience working with Gillien Goll. Gillien sees extremely clearly what is needed to make a presentation work and she was brilliant in guiding me to the proper pathway!

~ Janet Conrad, Playwright


The presentation went great! Thanks to you. I certainly felt more than a little anxious leading up to it, but I wasn't nervous during it and actually found that I quite enjoyed the sound of my voice over the mike (dangerous when a lawyer starts liking the sound of her own voice!) Towards the end of the question/answer session, I started to get a sense of a real positive energy flow from the audience - something like what you described as that power thing, in a small way. I imagine it could be quite a trip if you got good at it. I had lots of positive feedback - some from people in
the audience I didn't even know. Certainly a lot more than I expected. I felt wonderful about the whole experience - that I had done something challenging and won. I would even go so far as to say that I feel more confident - more grounded - about myself in general professionally.

   Thanks for the training and the insights, not to mention the" therapy"! I can't tell you how much it helped me. Now I have to figure out ways of getting myself up there "on my hind legs" (as Rumpole so eloquently put it) more often.

   If you ever want me to tell anyone how good you are, I'd be more than happy.

~ Kind regards, Lesley Ann S., Attorney


Two weeks after taking Gillien Goll's Public Speaking course, I had to present to 75 people, and did great! I followed her suggestions, and didn't tremble, quake (or otherwise humiliate myself) as I had in three previous public speaking engagements over the past 10 years. I was astonished, relieved and extremely grateful.  I plan to do public speaking regularly now. Onward and upward!

~ C. C., Ph.D., Psychologist

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